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DIESELR- Stealth Mach 2 (67) Turbo w/ Actuator (2020-2023 6.6L L5P / L5D Duramax)

DIESELR- Stealth Mach 2 (67) Turbo w/ Actuator (2020-2023 6.6L L5P / L5D Duramax)

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Upgrade your turbo today! The L5P Stealth 67G2 is the best drop-in turbo ever bolted to the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 6.6L L5P Duramax. While capable of providing enough airflow to support up to 800 RWHP this stock-appearing unit still lights quickly and is great for daily driving, towing, and maximum performance.

This turbocharger features HFV technology! HFV or High Flow Vane technology is our proprietary customization of the variable vane cage and nozzle ring assembly. This advancement allows the use of a larger turbine wheel for maximum high-load efficiency. Stealth turbos featuring our HFV upgrade are capable of producing more power, spooling up quicker, and managing EGTs better than those limited with factory nozzle rings.

Your truck is going to experience increased performance across a wide operating range due to our HFV assembly, oversized turbine wheel, and billet compressor wheel. Built from brand new parts, this turbocharger won’t require a core charge. The optional actuator is pre-calibrated and the entire turbo comes ready for installation. You should strongly consider custom tuning to go with this turbocharger upgrade. Deletes are not required. We have made up to 650 RWHP when matching this turbo with our Custom Emissions Equipped Tuning.

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