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Turbo will fit all 2020-Up Pro XP & Turbo R models


  • Complete new turbocharger with a high quality stainless exhaust housing.  The OEM housing is cast steel (not stainless) and is more likely to crack around the exhaust port, which causes many Pro XP/Turbo R turbo issues/failures.  This turbo is excellent for those wanting a good replacement turbo or those wanting to go for big horsepower!
  • Ready to step up to the next level on your Pro XP/Turbo R and gain some serious power? Up to 320-330 crank horsepower if you build your motor and run race gas!  However, this turbo will still trail ride on Level 2 all day long, all while putting less stress on the turbo and motor.  This is NOT just a simple billet wheel turbo mod, this turbo has a larger than stock compressor wheel/housing, This gains turbo efficiency to push more air per RPM of the turbo.  Boost temps will skyrocket quickly on the factory turbo, whereas with our big turbo they will be much lower... even at boost pressures over 25 pounds!  Now that we are moving air on the intake side, we need to get that air out.  Our big turbo includes a larger exhaust housing with a high flow exhaust turbine to create less back pressure and heat buildup in the motor.  Heat buildup on the exhaust side is another HUGE issue with the factory turbo.  What's essentially happening is you are running out of exhaust flow, and that makes more power very hard to produce reliably and consistently.  With this high flow turbine, we can increase boost and see a healthy increase in horsepower on higher level tunes with lower EGT.  The factory wastegate is also a big problem as it's very weak, and as time goes on the spring only gets weaker leading to boost issues.  Building boost with a wimpy wastegate can produce varied results, hot temps, and turbo overheating.  We install a high pressure billet wastegate actuator complete with a new stainless steel bracket.  This wastegate has extremely consistent results, will hold a huge amount of boost, and is a key component in this turbo mod working so well.  Each turbo is fully blueprinted and balanced with new bearings from a professional turbocharger manufacturer. 
  • Thinking of another turbo or turbo mod?  Many of our competitors offer an inferior turbo and do not offer the advanced tuning we do. Many use the weak stock wastegate, do not bore the compressor housing, or do not modify/enlarge the exhaust turbine.  These are all huge reasons why our big turbo works so well. Tuning changes are drastic for modifications like this, and many others do not have the correct tuning knowledge to pair with such a mod.  
  • Stock-like driveability!
  • OEM exhaust turbine is 41mm 11 blade, the AA is 44mm with a high flow 10 blade configuration
  • OEM compressor (intake) inducer is 40mm, the AA is 44mm with an overall larger billet wheel
  • On our dyno we saw 261 RWHP @28-29 PSI on 110 octane, and 267rwhp on E85 with some serious top end pull. That's a calculated 320-330 crank horsepower, +110 RWHP or +140-150 crank HP gain over factory!
  • Big gains in low end performance and crazy high end gains on longer pulls (this mod does not fade off anywhere near as much as the factory setup)
  • Lower EGT (Exhaust temps) due to higher exhaust flow
  • Lower intake temps before and after the intercooler per PSI of boost
  • Requires AA custom tunes built specifically for this big turbo
  • **** RUNNING OVER 25-26 PSI (LEVEL 5 or 6) REQUIRES A BILLET CRANK***** You can test the waters with the OEM crank, but most likely you will have issues. Most would pair this turbo with a built motor with:  Brian Crower Billet Crankshaft, Carillo Rods, CP Pistons, custom age ARP head studs.   A fire ring cylinder or K&T big bore cylinder are great options as well.   Cylinder head porting, oversize exhaust valves and BC custom ground camshafts are also good modifications to add slightly more power.
  • Running level 4 or higher requires all of our bolt-on modifications plus the catch can.
  • Level 5 & 6 require our 1200cc Injectors (All other tune levels will be built for 1200cc Injectors when selecting Level 5 or 6)
  • All tunes were developed by one of the most experienced RZR turbo tuners, and tuned to maximum power for each specific fuel grade.  Our dyno normally reads a bit low compared to some, so keep that in mind.... our stuff normally outruns the competition with the same HP level.  This is also due to the fact that we make nearly all components/clutching to properly transfer and make power.  - Mike
  • We skip level 1
  • Level 2:  Built for 91 octane, +15-20 RWHP. Gains similar to our OEM turbo Level 2 tune, with around 5 more RWHP from the increased turbo exhaust flow.  No huge gains over OEM turbo, this tune is simply setup for the larger turbo. Great driveability and good fuel economy for trail riding.  You will see cooler intake temps with this big turbo tune vs the OEM turbo.
  • Level 3: Built for 91-93 octane, +  This tune produces around 7-9rwhp  more than the OEM tune due to the higher exhaust flow. It's an 18-19.5 psi tune and produces 182-185rwhp or 230 crank hp.  You will see cooler intake temps with the turbo mod tune vs. the OEM pro turbo. 
  • Level 4: Built for 98-100 octane fuel, and will run fine on octane higher than 100 as well. This will produce 220-225 RWHP (calculated 270-280 crank hp) at 23-24 PSI and hauls the mail!  Most will mix race fuel with pump fuel to get the 100 octane which is what we recommend.  A can of VP Octanium or Boostane to your tank will also work with this tune. This gains you roughly 20rwhp over the OEM turbo level 4.  This tune is pushing it on the OEM crank, but in most cases will run on an OEM motor with the head bolts tightened to 85ft-lbs, or head studs installed.  It will be safer to run on a built motor.  
  • Level 5: Built for 110 octane fuel and simply drops the hammer!  You'll have everyone wondering what is done to your RZR with this bad ass tune.  The standard tune is 26-27psi for all day running around 245rwhp (290-300 crank), BUT we have the RACE tune which pushes a huge 28-29 PSI of boost that comes on HARD.  This RACE tune produces 261+ RWHP (calculated 310-320 crank horsepower) on our dyno.  We normally run this tune on 110 leaded fuel.  Leaded fuel is harder on O2 sensors but we have not had much of an issue.  We would suggest picking up another O2 sensor if running this tune, or you can run MS109 unleaded fuel.
  • Level 6: Built for E-85, this big turbo tune is simply unbelievable. Very similar to the 110 tune power with both the standard 26-27psi tune and the higher boost RACE tune. The difference is this tune runs on cheap corn fuel, or expensive VP corn fuel!  This fuel makes the motor run cooler and it absolutely loves it.  The only downfall is you go through more fuel, and push more fuel into the crankcase, and into the catch can(necessary mod).  If using pump E-85, make sure you are between 70-85% ethanol for this tune.  RACE tune is 28-29 PSI with a wicked timing curve that produces the same 267rwhp or 320-330 crank hp.
  • Supported mods needed:  AA big turbo tunes for PV, AA high flow intake tube, AA high flow charge tube, AA clutch kit, AA blow off valve, AA slip-on exhaust or a slip-on exhaust that has the same flow. Power levels are shown with the AA exhaust with no quiet core installed.
  • Level 4-6 require head bolts to torqued to 85ft-lbs (or custom age 625+ studs) and our catch can intake tube or additional valve cover/atmospheric vented catch can
  • Level 5 & 6 RACE tunes require the additional catch can, custom AGE 625+ studs torqued to 95ft-lbs, and should have a built motor with a billet crank, CP pistons, and rods.  Race tunes are mostly for drag racing and should be run at your own risk for extended periods of time.  They would also be at risk of breaking the crankshaft on the OEM motor.
  • Includes:  Bolt-on replacement turbo with pre-set AA billet wastegate (7-8 PSI actuator capable of up to 24-25 PSI. L5/L6 29 PSI race tunes require stiffer wastegate spring), a new cylinder head to turbo gasket, exhaust outlet bolts, and drain tube o-ring
  • While we highly suggest our replacement turbo for reliability, we can modify your OEM turbo (2-3 week turnaround, please message) if you really need the 100% sleeper look
  • Part #:  112-1038



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