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AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2024 Xpedition S4 Clutch Kit with AA Heavy Duty Primary & Secondary **1-3 Day Lead Time**

AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2024 Xpedition S4 Clutch Kit with AA Heavy Duty Primary & Secondary **1-3 Day Lead Time**

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Fits All 2024 Xpedition Models 2 & 5 Seat


  • From trail rigs to high horsepower setups, this is the only clutch we will run on our shop vehicles
  • This kit includes our complete heavy duty AA primary clutch.  This clutch is the same encapsulated tower design found on the 2016-2020 RZR Turbo and now the 2024 Xpedition models.  We found this clutch to hold power better, hold up better (no exploding), and slip the belt less. It simply meets the demands of these high horsepower vehicles, and is proven.  This clutch also holds belt grip better than billet clutches, especially at higher RPM. 
  • Clutch Cover with Tower Lock for even more strength and airflow.
  • Kit Includes:  AA Primary Clutch w/AA Revolver Billet Clutch Cover with Tower Lock, AA magnetic adjustable clutch weights, weight setup sheet, AA primary spring, custom Primary Limiter, inner cover bolts (for clearance), AA replacement secondary clutch, AA Helix, AA secondary spring, and now includes AA Extreme Heavy Duty primary sliders and AA HD secondary rollers (comes installed in clutch). 
  • Clutch does not come assembled.  Simply set up your weights according to our setup chart, then install the weights & spring.  Otherwise we have the +$25 option to have us assemble the primary clutch for you, as long as you let us know what engine modifications and tire size/type. 
  • Our S4 Recoil Clutch Kits pack a huge punch!  No matter the terrain, they hit hard and just keep pulling for days.  On the trail or at the race you'll notice wicked acceleration and instant clutch response when getting back into the throttle after hammering that corner.  In the dunes you'll see the same benefits, but also have much less bogging when climbing that big dune.  The machine will hold RPM so you can get where you need to go, and get there faster!  Going mudding?  Our mud setup will help turn those tires through the thick and deep with much better RPM and wheel speed that's key to climbing out of that hole. We have a huge amount of CVT knowledge, a great passion for the sport, and spent many hours testing different setups in the real world.   They will simply help primary clutching and get things dialed in to where they should be.
  • The biggest problem with the Xpedition clutching is they do not have enough belt grip, they gain RPM too quickly and yet peak RPM is not achieved quickly.  Our kit helps combat this with a stiffer secondary spring over factory for even better belt grip and the right primary weight/spring to hit proper peak RPM at the right time.  Our S4 clutch kit includes primary and secondary clutches loaded with our weights, spring, secondary spring and helix.  The custom angle helix adds a more aggressive shift to the secondary clutch which gives you big acceleration gains and feels more like your throttle is locked to the rear wheels.  The Performance helix is the most acceleration gain, while the High Load is a little more than stock, but less aggressive for excessively heavy/large tires, crawling, or mud riding.  
    • Our "Cruiser" option is for those looking for less cruising RPM and less noise.  The Xpedition has a higher running RPM from the factory.  The Cruiser option loads the primary clutch weights heavier with our slug magnets.  These magnets are like 5 magnets in one large slug, whereas with our standard magnets only 3 fit in each hole.  This allows for running more weight in the arms without having to purchase a completely different kit.  This kit option drops peak RPM down from the factory 8300 to roughly 7400-7700 RPM.  This does lose a bit of horsepower, but if that's not your concern, this add-on option works extremely well.  This setup also has even smoother engagement, crawls very well, and still has plenty of acceleration.  Think more of a cross between a Ranger and RZR as far as acceleration and feel.  The best part is you are not stuck with this option, you can simply revert back to our standard clutch setups whenever wanting more performance.  Switching the weights takes 15-30 minutes for most and gives you a chance to clean up/inspect your clutches.
  • Kits work great with both stock or modified machines
  • Works well with tire sizes 30" to 35" and paddles 28" to 33"
  • A must-have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Wicked throttle response when on & off the throttle
  • More efficient power transferred to the wheels
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Cooler running belt temps, especially with larger tires or paddles
  • Longer belt and clutch life
  • Easily adjustable if needed
  • Smooth clutch engagement
  • Our helix features a tighter roller & EBS pocket for less clutch slop (driveline clunk) and less chance of rollers breaking
    • High Load Helix 1062:  Slightly less aggressive than the performance helix with good acceleration gains/power transfer over the OEM helix.  Designed to work better for heavier vehicles, heavier tires, overly aggressive tread, heavy sand load or crawling type riding in mind.   Works on 2 & 4 door models with 30-35" heavier/aggressive tread tires over 44lbs each or 30-33" paddles.   Works well for this tire size on 2 and 5 seat models.
    • Performance Helix 1065:   Aggressive helix with acceleration/higher horsepower/aggressive fast-paced drivers in mind. Works best with a tuned vehicle.   Works well with 30-33" lighter tires that are under 44lbs each and on 2 or 5 seat models.
  • An initial setup guideline is included which shows the best setups for dunes, mud, or all around trail riding. This also has brief instructions on installing your clutch kit, and other important information.
  • Our Recoil clutch weights are easily adjustable with simple magnets.  They have a custom AA profile, the BEST coating on the market (nitrocarburizing) which has increased wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and added surface lubricity. These clutch weights also offer great performance, and the ability to tune for many different applications or modification in the future, without the need to buy extra parts.  The magnetic weights are the best option to properly place the mass where we need it on the weight for best performance for your application.
  • Part number: 116-1020
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