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AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2024 Maverick R Stage 2 Lock & Load Kit

AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2024 Maverick R Stage 2 Lock & Load Kit

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Fits all 2024 Can Am Maverick R 240HP models

  • Lock & Load!  This Stage 2 kit provides a big increase in horsepower and torque simplified into an easy package.  The AA Boost Box allows for great power depending on the level tune, supporting mods & fuel you want to run.  Our BOV is designed with the correct spring rate for the Maverick R to be just the right combination of sounding good, not being annoying at cruise, and working properly.  Get that great PSHHH sound when off the throttle!  The exhaust removes heat and has less back pressure adding power and making it easier to run more boost longer and more consistently.
  • The Maverick R is quick out of the box, but why stop there?  The potential for the Maverick R is so much more.  The intake, turbocharger and intercooler that come factory on this model make it easy to crank up the horsepower & still maintain low intake temps.  We are very impressed by what this UTV can do out of the gate with very few modifications.  The factory seemed to make the boost come on a bit lazy in the mid to upper throttle even in sport +. While it peaks out nicely around 20-21 PSI (at our location, 1000ft altitude) it takes a bit to get there.  Our tuning increases spool, overall boost and also makes peak boost come on quicker.  It's a very noticeable gain.
  • The Maverick R does not come with a factory blow off valve (BOV).  Can Am relies on the large charge circuit volume and throttle closure to keep the boost out of the engine when off  the throttle.  This certainly works, but is not ideal for your turbocharger.  Our BOV kit sounds awesome and helps your turbo rid that extra boost when backing off the throttle.  This results in longer turbo life and is all around better for the turbo and motor.
  • We found the exhaust on the Maverick R flows well for factory, but still has a CAT and is restrictive.  Our exhaust reduces backpressure which allows the turbocharger to spool quicker.  The more boost you run, the more power is being withheld with a factory exhaust.  With Level 3 & 4 we see 4-6 RWHP gains with our exhaust and the side dump open.  With the side cutout of our exhaust closed, you will only see 1-2 RWHP gains.   Aftermarket exhausts like ours will remove heat MUCH better, so your Maverick R will run more consistent and powerful when driving hard.
  • Huge horsepower and torque gains depending on the level of tune desired and supporting modifications.
  • Not just dyno tested! We are avid riders and like the factory, a ton of the testing is done in the field to make sure you are getting 110%.  You simply can't get any better testing than real world.  Often times we can make significant changes to further increase power, drivability, and feel of the machine that can never be done on the dyno.     We have a longer history of tuning turbocharged offroad vehicles than nearly all competitors and this will show.
  • Installs easily by plugging into your MAP sensors, battery power, and mounting the switch (optional, you do not have to mount it)
  • Air/fuel ratios extensively tested and verified at each tune level.  The Maverick R models are a wideband type sensor/ECU, so they automatically trim fuel to the requested air/fuel ratio.  In rare cases like extreme cold, a fuel control box may be needed if fuel trims are not able to adapt (it will throw a code, but highly unlikely)
  • Safety parameters to protect your motor and turbocharger are still in place
  • Easily return back to stock with the rotary switch to "Stock" mode, or by removing the AA Boost Control Box with no trace left in the ECU
  • Boost Control Box vs ECU tuning:   While we would always prefer to calibrate a vehicle by modifying OEM ECU parameters, it's simply not an easy task on these vehicles due to the insane 2048 bit security.  The Boost Control Box allows us to do what is needed for level 1-4 to increase the boost pressure & power output.  This gives the biggest benefit/seat of the pants feel and is all that is needed to put a smile on your face as you wax your buddy.    The Maverick R  factory ECU calibration is quite decent, but we are missing out on some things we'd normally do... like removing the speed limiters, reverse limiters, coolant fan temp, timing curves, 2 foot limiters, and enrichment AFR during spool.  In the grand scheme of things, these are minimal things that are not needing adjustment on the Mav R. Most of your power comes from the added turbocharger boost pressure, which we are getting done.  
  • Throttle Response Fix: The Mav R has adjustable modes, so unlike the X3 models, you can make it much more responsive. If needing more response, you can add our throttle control box. Our Throttle Control Box will allow you to increase/decrease pedal response on the fly.  This also allows for you to de-tune the throttle for a Valet/Kid mode if desired. 
  • Speed limiter fix:  We have something in the works here as well, stay tuned!
  • Tune levels explained:  We have 3 different pump gas tunes so customer can dial the vehicle to a usable power level for wherever they are riding.  If any codes appear for fueling, boost, or transmission slip, we suggest backing the dial down a "half tune" or fully to the next lower tune.  
  • A stock Maverick R on our dyno was 225 RWHP with 32" tires and runs roughly 19-21 PSI of boost.  All power levels listed below are done with the stock exhaust.  
    • Level 1 - 91-93 Octane:  Level 1 is on the switch, but only gains roughly half a PSI.  Most will skip it, but it's there if you want a small 5 hp bump in power.
    • Level 2 - 91-93 Octane -  232 RWHP / 250-255 crank HP:  Our Level 2 tune is just a little bump in power when not wanting full squeeze.  This tune runs an average of 21-22 PSI (+1 to 1.5 PSI) of boost and is very safe with great gains on 91 octane fuel.  Gains 8-10 RWHP in the mid-range.  Great tune when you want just a little bit more.
    • Level 3 - 91-93 Octane - 240 RWHP / 260-270 crank HP:  Our Level 3 tune is again designed for 91-93 octane and is very safe. This gains 17-20 RWHP in the mid-range.  This tune is absolutely nuts for being able to run on a bone stock Maverick R.  Peak boost is around 23-25 PSI (+2-3 PSI), and settles down to roughly 22-23 PSI.   Our blow off valve kit is recommended.  This tune will work great with stock exhaust but even better with aftermarket exhaust.
    • Level 4 - 93+ Octane MAX tune - 255 RWHP Stock Exhaust/ 261 RWHP AA Exhaust Open / 280-290 crank HP:  Our Level 4 tune puts the hammer down on 93+ octane!  It will peak around 26-27 PSI and sustain around 24-25 PSI (+4-5 PSI).  This gains a huge 36 RWHP in the mid-range gain over factory!   Our blow off valve kit is highly recommended.  This tune will work great with stock exhaust but even better with aftermarket exhaust.  If running hard (like in the dunes) we'd suggest running 93+ octane or mixing 91 octane with a booster to achieve 93-95 octane (or better).  93+ octane works best to maintain proper power under heavy loads.  This tune will run fine on 91 octane in short bursts.
  • Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output.
  • For even more info on the parts included, see these links: Boost Box, BOV Kit, Full Exhaust
  • Optional:  upgrade to the complete charge tube kit by adding the drivers side charge tube
  • Part Number: 113-1034-2
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