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AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2020 ONLY Pro XP/2018-20 Ranger XP 1000 P90X Secondary Clutch

AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2020 ONLY Pro XP/2018-20 Ranger XP 1000 P90X Secondary Clutch

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Fits 2020 ONLY Pro XP and 2018-20 ONLY Ranger XP 1000 (New Body Style)

For those looking to replace their factory 2020 Pro XP or 2018-20 Ranger XP 1000 P90X secondary clutch. Available bare (no helix or spring) or loaded with AA helix, spring and butter shift washers.  Clutch is peened to prevent the bushing from walking out, a common problem with the OEM clutch.  Clutch comes with our HD rollers installed, which are machined in-house from the highest quality material. Must already have primary adjustable clutching if choosing loaded with AA helix and spring. Contact us if you need to order primary clutching or see the appropriate S4 clutch kit for your model if a replacement primary clutch is also needed.

Benefits of clutches loaded with AA components:

The biggest problem with the P90X clutching is they do not have enough belt grip.  When the first P90X models arrived they had a soft secondary spring that slipped the belt under full shift.  They were then fitted with a stiffer secondary spring and now the problem is they rev too high for good belt grip with that spring. Our S2 kits help combat this with a stiffer secondary spring yet for even better belt grip, and the right primary weight/spring to get proper RPM.  Our S3 clutch kit includes everything the S2 does, but adds the helix.  The helix adds more aggressive shift to the secondary clutch which gives you a great acceleration gains and feels more like your throttle is locked to the rear wheels.

  • Kits work great with both stock or modified machines
  • Works well with tire sizes 28" to 35" and paddles 28" to 32"
  • A must-have when tuning your RZR/Ranger to properly transfer the power to the wheels and prevent even more belt slip
  • A must-have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Wicked throttle response when on & off the throttle
  • More efficient power transferred to the wheels
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires or paddles!)
  • Longer belt and clutch life
  • Helix features a tighter roller & EBS pocket for less clutch slop (clunk) and less chance of rollers breaking:
    • Performance Helix 1043:  Lighter vehicle weight, lighter tires, or higher horsepower vehicles.  Aggressive helix with acceleration/higher horsepower/aggressive fast pace drivers in mind.
      • Pro XP: Works best on 2 seat with 30-33" Dirt Tires, 30-32" dune paddles.  Works on Pro XP 4 seat with 30-32" dirt tires, 28-30" dune paddles.
      • Rangers: Works best with 27-30" tires and OEM gearing or those running 31-35" tires with gear reduction.  
    • High Load Helix 1042:  Slightly less aggressive than the 1043 helix with good acceleration gains/power transfer over the OEM helix.  Designed for a normal to heavier vehicle, heavier tires, heavy sand load or crawling type riding in mind.
      • Pro XP: Works on 2 seat 30-35" Dirt Tires, 30-32" dune paddles.  Works best on 4 seat with 30-33" dirt tires, 28-32" dune paddles. Excellent all around helix for any Pro XP!  
      • Rangers: Works best with 31-35" tires and OEM gearing. Excellent all around helix for any Ranger!

PN Bare: 108-1081-A
PN Loaded: 108-1081-B

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