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AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2016-Up RZR Turbo/Turbo S/Pro XP/Turbo R High Flow Charge Tube

AFTERMARKET ASSASSINS- 2016-Up RZR Turbo/Turbo S/Pro XP/Turbo R High Flow Charge Tube

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This charge tube fits all 2016-2021 RZR XP Turbo 64" Models, 2018-21 Turbo S 72" Models, & 2020-Up RZR Pro XP/Turbo R


  • The factory charge tube is made from cheap plastic, is very small, and bottle necks in the middle.  Whenever you bottleneck air, it makes that air hotter which is a huge problem when turning up the boost.  We see much cooler charge air temps when data logging with our charge tube vs the factory one.
  • Larger volume greatly reduces heat buildup in the charge tube for more consistent performance
  • Aluminum vs. Silicone Charge Tubes:  Aluminum charge tubes are stronger with less expansion under pressure and have less air turbulence.  This results flow better than silicone tubes when doing back to back tests.  Aluminum tubes also dissipate and reflect motor heat much better than silicone tubes.   The main advantages of silicone tubes are less clamps, cheaper to manufacture, and can be easier to install.  We always use/manufacture aluminum tubes when possible as they have proven themselves to be better, and very reliable... especially with good T-Bolt clamps.
  • Must-have for anyone running 18+ PSI of boost as the factory tube will burst above this
  • Charge tube will not fail like the cheap factory plastic one
  • Charge tube diameter is 2.25"
  • Bead rolled ends to hold even under high boost pressures
  • Much better sealing with high quality silicone couplers and T clamps
  • Side map sensor location allows better fitment of the sensor under the bed
  • Mounts easily and nicely in the factory location
  • We highly recommend this for anyone running our tunes, especially Level 3 & higher
  • Made at the AA Facility in the USA
  • 2016-2021 RZR XP Turbo 64" Models, Turbo S 72" Models Part number: 112-1005
  • 2020-Up RZR Pro XP Turbo Part Number: 112-1005-PXP


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